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About Us

Joe Blow was started back in 2012 after a particularly slow journey to ReVolks on a freshly built 1600. Why on earth VW would want to put such a gutless engine in a heavy bus is anyone's guess but needless to say, once you add in the extra weight of a family and a bunch of camping gear things only get slower. Eventually we made it back to Adelaide but something had to be done about the absence of power. The logical solution was to add some kind of bolt on power that did not require a complete strip down and rebuild of the engine. Being inspired by what others had acheived some experimentation was undertaken. After several prototypes, success was had in instaling a supercharger and the paltry 50 horses was increased to 80. 

It did not take long for others to take interest in the supercharger so I decided to package it up, improve the cosmetics and turn it into a DIY kit that anyone could add to thier VW in a weekend with a few tools and half a clue. And so in this manner Joe Blow was born, and the rest as they say is history.