The 'Smallprint'.

Conditions of sale

By purchasing or using our products you are agreeing to the following conditions as outlined below:



Our products are waranteed for a period of 12 months from the data of purchase. This warantee covers defects in manufacture only.

Defective parts should be returned to us by post and by prior arrangement.

Defective parts will be replaced or repaired at our discretion.

The customer agrees to the cover the costs for shipping and return of defective parts

We agree to cover warantee costs only up to the purchase price of the products.


Supply and Shipping

We reserve the right to substitute alternate parts and sub components for reasons of continuous improvement or availability.

Parts may therefore differ from those listed in the documentation or shown on the website.

Shipping and manufacture times provided are only an estimate and may differ from the actual times taken.

Whilst we endeavor to give an accurate estimate, sometimes there are delays that are outside of our control.


Tuning and setup

The carburettor is shipped with a baseline setup that is only designed to get your engine running.

The baseline tune is NOT the correct tune for YOUR engine.

You WILL have to tune the setup to get it to work correctly on YOUR engine.

'Tuning' can involve the substitution or replacement of all of the internal tunable aspects of the carburettor including but not limited to:

- Jets, air corectors, chokes, venuturis, emulsion tubes, needle valves etc

All tuning costs are at your expense, including dyno time and the cost of any components required.



We are happy to assist you with installation and tuning advice to help you to get up and running.

We will endeavor to process technical help queries as fast as possible however we do not have a guaranteed response time.

Help and advice is available for free to all customers for the life of ownership.

All installation and tuning help is provided under a fair use policy as outlined below:

It is expected that you have basic practical mechanical skills.

That the installation is carried out in accordance with the instructions or advice given

That any deviations from the instructions or advice are disclosed

That you understand your limitations.

That you understand that the help provided is only to assisst you, not to provide you with free training.

We are happy to talk to your installer and provide them with help and assistance to get them started.

We do not support non-standard modifications of our product.

This includes when your installer / tuner suggests using a different setup as 'they know better'


Intellectual Property

The product design, it's application and the supporting technical information provided in relation our products remains the property of JoeBlow at all times.

You agreee not to disclose or disseminate any of the information provided to you in relation to our products, including but not limited to the following:

Technical documentation

Technical help and advice

Specifications or other information relating to part type and identification

Specifications or other information relating to setup and installation

Specifications, drawings or other information allowing reverse engineering of our products.

You agree to ensure that these terms are upheld if you on-sell our products



JoeBlow will not accept liability for costs or losses caused directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of its products

We are hapy to provide advice to help you install and tune your kit, however all advice given, both documented and verbally, is used at your own risk,

you therefore agree to indemnify JoeBlow from any direct or indirect losses that arise from the use or misuse of any such advice.



Last updated 06.11.17