Want to know about performance?

How much power will your kit add?

The actual power made will depend a lot on the specification and condition of your engine.

To give you some idea of what to expect, installing the kit on a stock 1600 twin-port engine increased the output power from 50hp to 83hp. When you consider that a stock 2.0 Type 4 engine makes 71hp you can see that the kit is a worthwhile addition.

You can maximise the power gains if you make other sympathetic modifications to your engine. The following modifications will help you to make the most from your kit

  • Increasing capacity. We recommend no larger than 1776, although some customers have reported good results with 1835
  • Improved head work - We recommend something like the CB performance Panchito 35.5 x 40mm heads
  • Proper merged collector header
  • Boost referenced ignition control. We recommend using one of our crank fired distributorless ignition sustems but a CB black box, MSD or similar controller will also work.
  • One of our custom camshafts. - Our cams are developed specifically for use with our supercharger kits and are available in a few different grinds depending on your application.

By employing modifications such as these our customers have managed to see massive improvements, with 110hp and more easily possible.

Not bad from a 1600.