Technical details for our products

What jetting / components / settings / etc are used

All kits are supplied with detailed instruction manual that outlines the specifications for the entire kit including things like carburettor setup and modifications, distributor modification, supercharger oil, spark plug type, pulley ratios and everything else that makes the kit work.

Please don't ask for these details prior to purchase as they will not be given.

We are happy to help you with advice for your own build but please understand that part of the value in purchasing a Joe Blow supercharger kit is that all of the hard work of determining what components work together and how they are set up is already done.

Our kits are dyno proven and have undergone many months of testing in the harsh Australian climate to ensure that the combination of parts simply works. (15,000kms + 4 years so far on our prototype)

Sure, anyone can copy our design and bolt a carburettor and supercharger to an engine and call it done, but getting everything to work together, make power throughout the range and not turn your engine into a grenade is where the real science is.

Don't be fooled by other suppliers that sell you a bunch of parts and leave you to figure out the rest for yourself, or have little more than a fresh prototype on offer. Sure thier price may look appealing, but by the time you have invested a day or more at the dyno trying to figure out how to make it work you would have already spent more than if you had bought a genuine Joe Blow kit.