How do I fit the trigger sensor?

Our EFI and Ignition systems use the same custom sensor and sensor mounting.

Fitting and alignment are simple to carry out.

The trigger wheel is zinc plated 3mm steel and is designed to fit the rear of an aftermarket style pulley. The pulley will need to have a recess machined into it to accept the trigger wheel. This can be carried out by any machine shop or if you have access to a lathe is easy to carry out yourself. We will fit this for free if purchasing with one of our blower kits. Full instructions are available in the support section on purchase.

The trigger sensor simply bolts to the existing case stud behind the crank pulley in the engine bay. There is no need to remove or modify tin-wear

Initial sensor alignment is easily achieved using our sensor alignment template which is available to download with your purchase

Trigger angle settings and electrical connections for your ECU are also included.

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