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NEW: IDF Pressure hats

Even wanted to run massive boost on your blow through setup but kept blowing gaskets? Well we have solved that problem by developing our own pressure hats.

These bad boys feature six proper clamp down bolts spaced evenly around the perimeter to provide maximum clamping force to the gasket. They also come with their own custom neoprene rubber seal to ensure no leakage at all.

Each hat is profile cut from 6160 aluminum and then TIG welded together. If you want to run a high boost blow-through setup using IDFs, these are what you need.

Developed for our own blow-through supercharger kits these are also perfect for turbo setups or even connected up to a remote filter fo offroad N/A setups.

We can also offer pretty much unlimited spigot locations, so if you have an application that requires something just a little different, please feel free to reach out and discuss your requirements

Stay tuned for pressure test results.