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Updated EFI ECU

We now have a new version of our EFI ECU. This utilises our new interface board which integrates a wide-band AFR controller all within the same case.

Integrated wide-band control means that setup and tuning is now much easier. The units ship with a baseline map that will get you up and running. The wide-band sensor then allows you to take advantage of Tuner Studios ‘Auto-Tune’ feature which helps map out your VE table automagically as you drive. The result is that 95% of your tune can be carried out without needing to visit a dyno or hire a tuner.

Based on Speeduino firmware the new ECU’s also ship with a new case complete with automotive grade connectors for a plug and play set up.

We offer EFI kits in various configurations, for both blown and normally aspirated setups. If you are interested in converting to EFI drop us a line and we can discuss your requirements