Our Carby 500 Kit-1 includes everything that you will need to get up and running and includes all the same items included in the Carby 500 Kit-2 but with the addition of a modified FAJS DCOE carburettor pre-set to a basline 1600 tune.

The kit comes with the following items:

  • Rebuilt AMR500 Supercharger
  • Carburettor to blower manifold
  • Blower outlet manifold
  • Tee manifold
  • Silicon outlet manifold boot with heavy duty clamps
  • Blower pulley
  • Crank pulley
  • Supercharger mounting bracket
  • Pulley tensioner
  • Drive belt
  • All gaskets
  • Throttle linkage
  • New FAJS DCOE carburettor pre-set to baseline 1600 setup
  • Joe Blow throttle wheel
  • Velocity stacks
  • Air filter socks


Carby 500 Kit-3
Brand Joe Blow