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Developed for use with our EFI and Ignition systems our thermocouple style temperature sensor is designed to measure the temperature at the cylinder head and give a much more accurate reading of engine operating temperature than a regular oil / water sensor who’s readings tends to lag behind actual engine temperatures. This means that the thermocouple has a much quicker response time and so provides a faster and more accurate data for warmup enrichment, fan control and over-temperature protection.

Designed to replace the regular coolant (CLT) sensor , it is compatible with both Speeduino and Megasquirt systems. The thermocouple is supplied with three point calibration data and a resistance lookup tables that can also be utilised by a variety of other ECU’s and electronics applications.

The thermocouple has a range of -55 through to 200 degrees Celsius and is designed to mount under the tin-wear screw adjacent to the spark plug. This location is optimised for the range of this sensor.

Supplied with a flying lead and unterminated plug, this sensor is easy to integrate into your wiring loom.

Note: The sensor can also optionally be ordered with a longer lead. Just ask.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fit the trigger sensor?

Our EFI and Ignition systems use the same custom sensor and sensor mounting. Fitting and alignment are simple to carry out. The trigger wheel is zinc plated 3mm steel and is designed to fit the rear of an aftermarket style pulley. The pulley will...

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