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Ignition Kit

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Joe Blow Distributor-less Ignition Kit

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Product Description

The Joe Blow distributor-less ignition system was specifically designed to help overcome distributor issues when running  boosted setups by providing boost referenced ignition control.

Designed and manufactured in house and running the tried and trusted Speeduino firmware our custom ECU has been designed to provide modern performance for your classic car and offers a range of enhancements for both standard and performance engines. Supplied as a 4 cylinder wasted spark setup and utilising a modern crank trigger setup and coil pack, the system is also capable of supporting dual spark and sequential ignition control as well as other engine configurations and cylinder counts including rotary engines and V8s.

The ECU will support boost up to 1.5 bar but can optionally be fitted with a 3 bar MAP sensor if required.

The kit comes supplied with everything you need to convert your existing distributor based ignition system to a distributor-less setup and is a simple plug-and-play install. The wiring loom is pre-terminated and is supplied with crank sensor, temp sensors and coil pack. All you need to do is connect it to a suitable ignition controlled feed and install the crank trigger.

The system is fully user mappable via bluetooth from either your laptop using Tuner Studio, or from your Android device (using MsDroid). You can also use your iPhone1 or Android device as a remote dashboard to display engine parameters such as RPM, Boost / Vac, Voltage, Engine Temperature, Inlet Air temperature, Advance, Dwell, etc. The ECU is also compatible with PiDash.

The ECU is shipped pre-loaded with our own Joe Blow developed timing map and will work with boosted and N/A air-cooled VW engines right out of the box.

The ECU includes outputs to control fuel pump, tachometer and a shift light. It also has the capability to control water methanol injection, nitrous and boost control. The ECU also has spare user programmable outputs which can be controlled via mapped or switched user programmable ECU values.

Our ignition kit comes supplied with the following items

  • Plug and play wiring loom
  • ECU
  • Coil pack
  • Head temp sensor (CLT)
  • Inlet temp sensor (IAT)2
  • Crank trigger sensor and mounting bracket
  • Crank trigger wheel
  • Custom spark plug leads
  • Distributor delete plug
  • Pre-loaded timing map
  • Compatible with Tuner Studio

Optionally the ECU is also available with the following items

  • Crank pulley with trigger wheel preinstalled
  • Additional coil pack and wiring for dual spark setup

Please note:

  1. IOS devices (mobisquirt) require optional WiFi module in place of bluetooth
  2. IAT Sensor mount not included – Sensor uses standard 1/2″ NPT mounting

Features include:

  • User programmable
  • Bluetooth connectivity – program via laptop or Android device (IOS optional via wifi)
  • Crank triggered
  • Distributor-less
  • Switchable logic level coil outputs (5V or 12V)
  • Supports wasted spark, wasted COP and full sequential
  • 1.5 bar MAP sensor
  • Supports dual spark
  • CLT / IAT temperature correction tables
  • Voltage / Dwell correction tables
  • Launch control
  • Flat shift
  • Shift light
  • Fuel pump control (auto prime & auto shutoff)
  • Rev limit
  • Remote dashboard compatible – Monitor all system I/O and functions via MSDroid or Shadowdash (MAP, RPM, CLT, IAT, Advance, Dwell, Voltage, etc)
  • 2 Stage Nitrous control
  • Water/meth injection control. (PWM via MAP / RPM tables & on/off control)
  • Boost control

Tuning and setup

The ECU is supplied with our standard MAP. We have developed this in-house and should be sufficient for nearly all engine configurations. You should not need to undertake further tuning to dial the MAP in for your engine unless you are chasing HP on the dyno.
The kit is supplied with a template to assist with installation of the crank trigger sensor. You will need to tweak / confirm the trigger angle settings in Tuner Studio as part of the set up procedure
We include full instruction on how you can undertake the setup and installation yourself.


Your crank pulley will need to be machined to accept the 36-1 trigger wheel
ECU should be installed inside the passenger compartment.
2m long wiring loom is provided as standard. Longer looms are available on request
IAT Sensor mount not included – Sensor uses standard 1/2″ NPT mounting


All Joe Blow Products have a 12 months warranty valid from the date of purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fit the trigger sensor?

Our EFI and Ignition systems use the same custom sensor and sensor mounting. Fitting and alignment are simple to carry out. The trigger wheel is zinc plated 3mm steel and is designed to fit the rear of an aftermarket style pulley. The pulley will...

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