EFI Kits

Our EFI Kits are built in-house by us right here in Australia.

Based on the proven Speeduino software, our custom ECUs integrate crank-fired, distributorless four channel ignition and injector control with wideband AFR monitoring into a single package.

Packed with features that rival ECU's costing much more, our EFI systems have been designed to provde a cost effective update for our blower kits but work just as well on normally aspirated engines.

  • User programmable
  • Bluetooth connectivity (program via laptop or Android device)
  • Auto-tune feature
  • Data-log feature
  • Crank triggered
  • Distributor-less
  • Switchable logic level outputs for igniton (5V or 12V)
  • Supports wasted spark, wasted COP and full sequential ignition (with optional cam sensor)
  • Batch fire or sequential injector firing (with optional cam sensor)
  • Supports dual spark
  • Built in wideband interface
  • CLT / IAT temperature correction tables
  • Stepper based idle air control
  • ALPHA-N or Speed density fuelling algorythms 
  • Voltage / Dwell correction tables
  • Launch control
  • Flat shift
  • Boost control
  • Shift light
  • Fuel pump control
  • Tacho out
  • Water/meth injection control. (PWM via MAP / RPM tables & on/off control)
  • Rev limiters (hard and soft)
  • Overboost protection
  • Remote dashboard compatible - Monitor all system I/O and functions via MSDroid or Shadowdash (MAP, RPM, CLT, IAT, Advance, Dwell, Voltage, etc)

Kits are supplied in several different versions: As an electronics package, N/A package (both single and dual throttle bodies), blown package (single throttle body or dual throttle bodies) or as seperate components if required.