EFI 500 Kit 2
  • EFI 500 Kit 2
  • EFI 500 Kit 2
  • EFI 500 Kit 2

EFI 500 Kit 2

SKU : EFI-500-2
Brand : FAJS

Our EFI Half kit includes all of the hardware that you will need to install an EFI based supercharger set up on your VW engine but is supplied without a blower to help minimise costs. All you need to supply is the electronics. This is perfect for upgrading from an existing EFI installation.

The EFI Kit kit comes with the following items:

  • Supercharger pulley
  • Throttle body to blower manifold
  • New throttle body supplied with optional IAC Valve mounting and blanking plate.
  • Joe Blow throttle wheel
  • Blower outlet manifold
  • Tee manifold
  • Silicon outlet manifold boot with heavy duty clamps
  • Crank pulley with 36-1 trigger wheel and sensor
  • Supercharger mounting bracket
  • Pulley tensioner arm
  • Drive belt
  • All gaskets
  • Ramair filter cone with built in velocity stack
  • CB Performance high flow EFI manifold end castings with fuel rails and hold-down clamps

At this stage we are not supplying any electronics with this kit but we are working on putting together an electronics package based on the speeduino ECU which will include everything you need to get up and running.

We have run this system successfully on Megasquirt MS1 and Speeduino. Both are entry level budget systems and both perform very well. 

We can also supply both stepper and PWM style IACVs to work with our throttle bodies.

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