EFI Electronics package

EFI Electronics package

SKU : EFI_Electronics_package

Our EFI Electronics package has everything you need to add EFI to your existing EFI hardware.

It can also be used with our EFI blower kits.

Supplied with ECU, sensors, injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, coil pack, wideband sensor, plug leads, crank trigger set up and wiring loom, it makes easy work of upgrading to EFI.

The wiring loom is supplied pre-terminated so that all sensors and devices simply plug in. There is no need to terminate any plugs as they are already done for you.

The ECU is supplied pre-loaded with a baseline tune that should get you up and running. You can then use the auto-tune feature in Tuner Studio to dial in the tune for your engine.

The ECU is custom built in-house by us and runs on the popular Speeduino Firmware. 

For more details about the ECU and it's features, please refer to the EFI main page or feel free to send us an enquiry