Ignition Systems

Our ignition systems are designed and manufactured in-house, right here in Australia.

Initially designed for use on our carburetted blower kits to provide boost referenced ignition control, our ignition kits will work on both boosted and normally aspirated cars and come with an on-board MAP sensor capable of measureing vac and boost signals up to 36psi

Based on the same proven software as our EFI system, the ignition systems are packed with heaps of features that work well on both road and competition engines.

  • User programmable
  • Bluetooth connectivity (program via laptop or Android device)
  • Crank triggered
  • Distributor-less
  • Switchable logic level outputs (5V or 12V)
  • Supports wasted spark, wasted COP and full sequential
  • Supports dual spark
  • CLT / IAT temperature correction tables
  • Voltage / Dwell correction tables
  • Launch control
  • Flat shift
  • Boost control
  • Shift light
  • Fuel pump control
  • Water/meth injection control. (PWM via MAP / RPM tables & on/off control)
  • Rev limit
  • Remote dashboard compatible - Monitor all system I/O and functions via MSDroid or Shadowdash (MAP, RPM, CLT, IAT, Advance, Dwell, Voltage, etc)


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