Crank Trigger Kit

Crank Trigger Kit


Our crank trigger kit is aimed at users who need a hall based trigger setup for their third party ECU.

This is the same setup used on both our Ignition and EFI systems.

The kit is supplied with trigger wheel pre-fitted to the crank pulley along with a hall sensor pre-mounted to a stainless steel mounting bracket.

A weatherproof plug is also supplied with crimp pins and seals so that you can easily integrate the sensor into your wiring loom.

Installation is simple:

  • The sensor simply bolts to the case stud behind the crank pulley.
  • There is no need to drill holes in your engine tin.
  • The sensor can be easily fitted without the need to remove tinwear or your exhaust system.

An alignment template is included to make sensor alignment childs play. 


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