Supercharger Kits

We offer a range of different supercharger solutions to suit different engine capacities and types.

Each kit is made to order and carefully crafted to ensure a quality product. All our pulleys are hand turned in our workshop from 6160 Aluminium. The manifolds are mandrel bent and jig cut before being TIG welded and hand finished. All brackets are laser cut from 6mm steel and also TIG welded in specially constructed jigs to ensure accurate alignment. Everything is then blasted and zinc plated to ensure a lasting finish.

AMR500 based Kits

Our AMR500 based kits are available in a number of different configurations and variants so you can choose which suits your build and pocket.

All AMR500 based kits are designed to work on a standard upright 1600 engine and have been tested on capacities up to 1776cc. The kit can also be used on 40/50 horse style single port engines as well. Please discuss what engine and vehicle you want to fit it to prior to ordering so that you can be advised of the most appropriate solution.

Pro Kits (Centrifugal Blower)

For larger capacity engines we now also offer a centrifugal blower based solution. These kits are also designed for upright style engines but can be used on engine capacities up to about 3 litre. 

We have worked in conjunction with an Australian supercharger manufacturer to bring a cost effective centrifugal blower solution to market.

This kit can be supplied in both EFI and carbureted versions and can be made to work with existing dual carburetor setups. 

36HP Kits (AMR300 based)

We have also added an AMR300 based kit to our product line for use with smaller capacity 25/36hp engines. These can be upplied with a variety of carburettor solutions to suit your build.

We can provide solutions from standard 1100cc engines right up to big bore 1600cc+ LSR engines. 

Please feel free to discuss your build with us as we can tailor this solution to suit your requirements.

Custom Solutions

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for here, it is worth considering that we also develop custom solutions.

We are happy to work with you to build your ideal blown engine. Just drop us a line with your requirements and we are happy to discuss what you need.