"Fancy a blow job?" 

VW supercharger kits from only AU$1300




























What a Grunt

Feeling like you need a little something extra under the loud pedal of your early Bus, Bug or Ghia? What you need is a Joe Blow supercharger kit. Designed specifically for aircooled VWs, Joe Blow superchargers are available for upright style Volkswagen engines and come supplied as a DIY kit that can be fitted in a weekend by anyone with half a clue and some basic tools. The kit adds a nice bit of extra grunt and doesn't require that you strip your engine down like other performance upgrades.

If you can change your points, do your timing and set your valves you should have no issues installing a Joe Blow kit yourself. Dyno proven horsepower and a higher top speed. Giving your 1600 more power than a 2.0 Type 4 - you will not be dissapointed Instant pulling power and not just with the ladies. Never be scared of a hill again (and get bragging rights for use at your local boozer).

Get your kit on

Joe Blow supercharger kits are the end result of over 18 months worth of research and development and 10,000kms of on the road testing. Every part has been designed, tested and revised to arrive at the perfect balance of form and function. Tested in the harsh Australian summer you can rest assured that our kits will provide you with reliable power that will not let you down.

Suitable for Buses, Bugs, Ghias and other upright engined cars with capacities ranging from 1100cc up to 1776cc and possibly beyond a Joe Blow kit is instant bolt on horsepower that does not require you to tear down your engine to fit.

"Bolt on horsepower from just AU$1300"