Feeling like you need a little something extra under the loud pedal of your early Bus, Bug or Ghia? What you need is a Joe Blow supercharger kit. Designed specifically for aircooled VWs, Joe Blow superchargers are available for upright style Volkswagen engines and come supplied as a DIY kit that can be fitted in a weekend by anyone with half a clue and some basic tools. The kit adds a nice bit of extra grunt and doesn’t require that you strip your engine down like other performance upgrades.


If you are chasing power why not also take a look at our camshafts, we have developed three different custom grinds that are designed to work with blown engines. These grinds differ from both normally aspirated and turbo cams and are specifically optimised to get the most out of your blown installation. All of our camshafts are ground for us by Engle so you can be sure you are buying a quality item.


To make the most out of our forced induction products we have developed a distributor-less crank-triggered, fully mappable ignition system. Initially designed for use with our carbureted blown kits, this ignition system can actually be used on ANY car or bike and provides a cost effective modern tech replacement for the traditional distributor. Our ignition systems are based on the proven Speeduino© software. The custom bluetooth connectable ECU integrates user programmable MAP/RPM advance mapping with full temperature and voltage compensation. Supplied with, crank trigger, loom and coil-pack it is also capable of running sequential spark and COP. It includes built in features for: rev cut, launch control, fuel pump control, tacho-out, nitrous control, boost control, as well as additional user programmable outputs.


For the ultimate in performance solutions we also offer EFI versions of our blower kits, as well as normally aspirated EFI setups in both single and dual throttle body. Our single throttle body solution is designed so that it can be easily adapted to use on a turbo setup. We offer our own EFI ECU built in-house right here in Australia. Based on Speeduino© software our custom hardware integrates user mappable fuel and spark, along with integrated wideband control into a single bluetooth connectable ECU. Capable of running both batch fire / wasted spark, as well as full sequential and dual spark it is a feature-rich solution for an affordable price. We can supply our ECU as a turn-key, plug-and-play solution that includes all sensors and a pre-terminated wiring loom.


If you are looking for more boost or have a larger capacity engine, we also offer a larger capacity supercharger solution. We have worked in conjunction with an Australian supercharger manufacturer to develop a custom centrifugal blower solution that will support engine capacities up to 3 litres / 300hp. This kit can be supplied in both EFI and carbureted versions and can be made to work with existing dual carburettor setups.