• If you have a pre-sales enquiry that is not covered in the FAQ section and would like to contact us, please use the Messenger window below where our chatbot will try and help you. If you do not get the information that you need from the chatbot, a human will reply to you.
  • All enquiries are generally answered within one business day, but please be patient if you do not get a response within this time.
  • Please note that telephone support is very limited and online enquiries take priority.
  • If you do not have a Facebook account or are unable to use Messenger, please feel free to send us an email enquiry instead.


After-Sales Support

  • All customers are given priority access via our online support system.
  • If you have a query relating to a purchased product or require assistance with installation or set up, please post your query in the support forum.
  • All enquiries are generally answered within one business day.
  • Telephone support is NOT provided for our products unless by prior arrangement.


Telephone Support

Please note generally telephone support is NOT offered for our products.

  • Our preferred method for Pre-Sales enquiries is via Messenger.
  • Customer support is provided via the online support portal ONLY.



There are a few reasons for this...

  • There is only one of me - If I'm on the phone, I'm not making orders, which is not good for other customers.
  • Timezone differences - Unfortunately I grew tired of receiving phone calls at 3am so now my phone automatically shuts off outside of business hours which means I do not get notified of calls received at this time.
  • Generally I do not hear the phone during business hours as my workshop is full of noisy machinery and loud music and my hearing is not what it used to be.
  • By keeping communication to online only, I can sit down at night after the kids are in bed and answer enquiries at a time that is convenient. Unfortunately it is not convenient to use the phone at this time. 
  • Only getting time once a day to answer enquiries is generally why my response time is 24 hours. 
  • Generally the questions raised in most telephone enquiries are already answered in the FAQ section

Unfortunately I have been a slave to the pager and telephone for most of my working life, either on-call 24/7 or at the beck and call of one boss or another. So now that I work for myself, I have chosen to cut ties with the phone and communicate electronically instead.

Thank you for your understanding

Joe Blow.