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17.05.23 10:29 PM By Joe Blow

We have been revising some of our product lines and have made a few changes to our Side Draft kit range.

Our side draft kit range is being renamed as 'Performance Kits' to distinguish the performance advantage they have over the 'Budget Kits'. The flooding of the market with cheap copies of our early kits by other copy-cat vendors forced us to re-release the earlier version of our kits that they were copying as a 'budget' version, but this has devalued our main product line as most people are unaware of the advantages that the performance kit offers, preferring to only compare the price.

The dedicated drive belt setup of the performance kits relieves stress on the generator bearings that you get when using a single drive belt setup. It also allows higher belt tension to be run. Most people are unaware that the drive shaft of the AMR500 uses a massive bearing to support the high loads that the drive shaft sees. The VW generator on the other hand has a tiny bearing in comparison and so will prematurely wear and eventually fail if used in a single drive belt setup with high belt tension. The PK4 belts that are most commonly used on aftermarket serpentine setups are also prone to belt slip when used with even moderate boost. This adds to the bearing wear issue as the most usual way to overcome the belt slip is to increase belt tension. This is why our performance kits have always been supplied with a PK5 belt.

These improvements, along with the square manifold ports for higher flow are often overlooked and so we have decided to add some additional improvements to help make the distinction between our performance kits a lot easier to see.

Our performance kits are now available with aluminium manifolds. Aluminium offers better cooling characteristics as well as a large weight saving over the steel versions. The outlet manifolds features rolled ends to help prevent hose separation under heavy boost and are TIG welded in the same manner as the steel versions with hidden welds. Manifolds are supplied in raw finish and are ready to paint or polish. Shown above is the performance version of the S&S carbureted kit with square manifold ports and aluminium velocity stack.

Our new aluminium manifolds are TIG welded just like the steel versions.

Manifold ends are rolled to help prevent hose slip in high boost applications.

PK6 belts are also now supplied as standard and are only available with our performance kits. We will no longer be offering custom pulleys wider than PK5 for use with competitors products. If you want the performance advantage that our PK6 drive systems offer, then you will need to purchase a Joe Blow kit. 

As previously our performance kits are available in a number of different carburettor and throttle body options and we are also happy to develop custom carburettor or manifold setups if you need something different to what we offer. 

Joe Blow

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