AMR Budget Kit

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Our budget AMR kit is suitable for all engine capacities up to 1600.

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Product Description

Our Budget carbureted AMR based kit is designed to work on 40/50hp upright style Type 1 engines and is compatible with S&S Shorty E carburettors.

This is a reissue of the initial kit we built back in 2013. It is aimed at the budget conscious who want an easy DIY solution without the hassle of having to make their own parts. You get the same quality as our higher performance kits but at a fraction of the price.

The kit uses your existing serpentine belt setup and standard AMR500 pulley to give an output of approximately 5/6psi and uses our tried and trusted belt tensioning setup. We don’t supply the serpentine pulleys so you can save money by using your existing setup or sourcing those yourself. This kit is designed to work with all aftermarket 4PK serpentine setups and the standard AMR500 pulley. You could even use it with a vee belt if you really wished (Please see fitment note)

Manifolds have rounds ports to help keep costs down.

The tee manifold can be used with both dual and single-port end castings and uses standard silicone manifold boots.

Steel parts have a basic paint coating for corrosion protection.

This kit ships with the following items:

  • All-in-one tee manifold.
  • Carburettor inlet manifold
  • Velocity stack
  • Supercharger stand with integrated tensioner assembly
  • High quality 4PK drive belt
  • Throttle cable kit
  • Gasket set
  • Hardware fittings

Please note: This kit does not include the blower, carburettor or serpentine pulleys. Suitable carburettors are available to purchase separately.

If you are after more power or have a higher performance engine we recommend our regular AMR500 kits as they are capable of producing more boost at a higher CFM.

This budget AMR kit is suitable for all engine capacities up to 1600.

Aisin AMR500 supercharger
500cc per revolution
Max rpm 16,000 rpm
Approx 6psi Boost
JB Carburettor

Performance gains:

Power gains of approximately 50% over stock

The kit is designed to work on upright VW engines up to 1600cc fitted with a generator. It will work with all aftermarket serpentine setups.

The kit may require modification to work with an alternator as the inlet manifold clashes with the outlet terminal if used with late style alternators. To solve this problem you can either modify the alternator by shortening or removing the terminal or you can raise the supercharger using a billet fuel pump block-off plate as a spacer and cutting / joining the outlet manifold using a 2″ silicone hose (similar to our regular kits).

It is also possible to use this kit with a vee belt, however we do not recommend this for a couple of reasons: Vee belts are not really designed to flex backwards and so belt life will be reduced. Vee belts also have pretty lousy grip as they are not designed to transmit the kind of loads you see in a blower application. Even Judson realised this back in the ’50’s which is why they switched to dual belts. This is why we moved away from using vee belts during the prototype stage way back when we first developed this kit in 2013.

Decklid standoffs are not required for this kit it fits under the decklid
Standard tee manifold diameter will fit both dual and single-port end castings.
We recommend installation in conjunction with a performance exhaust system for best results
Installation of an external oil cooler is recommended.
We recommend that the velocity stack is used with a RamAir foam air filter

Where supplied with kits, carburettors are fitted with a baseline tune, this is sufficient to get your engine running but will not be the correct tune for YOUR engine. You WILL need to undertake further tuning to dial the kit in for your engine.
Baseline jetting and carburettor setup is included in the documentation provided with the kit.
The documentation also includes full step-by-step instructions on how you can undertake the tuning yourself using a readily available wide-band AFR gauge.
We also provide full support via our online help-desk and knowledge-base.

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Additional Information

Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 42 × 29.5 × 14 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with installing a kit?

Installation of one of our supercharger kits is relatively straight forwards and can be easily accomplished by anyone who has access to basic tools and is familiar with basic air-cooled maintenance such as setting your points and timing and...

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Do you include the throttle wheels in all of your kits?

The throttle wheels are pre-fitted to the weber DCOE carburettors we supply and are available to purchase through our store if you want to purchase them separately. Throttle wheels are not supplied in kits that do not include a carburettor.

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