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AMR Side-Draft Kit

AUD $1,300

Our AMR based kits are suitable for all engine capacities up to 1776. Please select your carburettor and blower type below.

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Product Description

Our carbureted AMR based kits are designed to work on 40/50hp upright style Type 1 engines using either a DCOE or HSR carburettor.

Featuring a wider dedicated drive belt to eliminate slip and overcome the excessive load on generator and alternator bearings found with single belt serpentine setups.

Our AMR500 based kits also feature square manifold ports to maximise flow capabilities and make the most of the available boost. Our high flow tee manifold will connect to both dual and singleport end castings and can also be used with CB EFI end castings.

Available with a range of inlet manifold styles you can use this kit with Weber DCOE’s, Dellorto DHLA’s, Mikuni HSR or with our own Joe Blow throttle body. We also offer this kit with AMR300 style flanges for smaller capacity engines. Just select the style of manifolds you need when  ordering.

This kit ships with the following items:

  • Billet 6160 blower pulley
  • Billet 6160 crank pulley
  • High-Flow square port carburettor to blower manifold
  • High-Flow square port lower outlet manifold
  • High-Flow large diameter tee manifold.
  • Supercharger stand with integrated tensioner assembly
  • High pressure silicone hoses
  • Heavy duty high pressure hose clamps
  • High quality 5PK drive belt
  • Throttle cable kit
  • Gasket set

Please note that this kit does not include the carburettor or blower. Those items are available to purchase separately.

Our AMR kits are suitable for all engine capacities up to 1776.

Technical specifications

Aisin AMR300 / AMR500 supercharger
300cc / 500cc per revolution
Max rpm 16,000 rpm
Approx 8psi Boost
DCOE / HSR Carburettor

Performance gains:

Power gains of approximately 60% over stock
Higher gains are possible using our custom blown camshafts
138hp measured in dyno tests on performance 1776 engine

Blower choice should be determined by your engine capacity and the amount of boost you want to run. You can use the following table to help you select your blower.

Engine CapacityBlower Type

Carburettor choice is largely a personal preference. The DCOE carburettors require deck-lid standoffs when installed on a bug. The HSR and S&S carburettors do not. The HSR / S&S size needs to be matched to the engine capacity, whereas the DCOE can be tuned to suit a range of engine capacities, however if you have different requirements we can mix and match the sizes to suit your application. Please feel free to discuss this with us when ordering.

Carburettors are supplied with a baseline tune that will get your engine running. From there you can then dial in the tune for your engine.

Note: Carburettors and blowers are sold separately


You will need to run decklid standoffs with the DCOE when installing on a bug
(we can supply custom standoffs – ask us)
Decklid standoffs are not required for the HSR and S&S Carburettors or JB Throttle Bodies
Standard tee manifold diameter will work with both dual and single-port end castings.
(other custom sizes are available – please ask!)
We recommend installation in conjunction with a performance exhaust system for best results
Installation of an external oil cooler is recommended.

Tuning and setup

Where supplied with kits, carburettors are fitted with a baseline tune, this is sufficient to get your engine running but will not be the correct tune for YOUR engine. You WILL need to undertake further tuning to dial the kit in for your engine.
Baseline jetting and carburettor setup is included in the documentation provided with the kit.
The documentation also includes full step-by-step instructions on how you can undertake the tuning yourself using a readily available wide-band AFR gauge.
We also provide full support via our online help-desk and knowledge-base.

Please note the following:

Special order lead times are indicative only.

Select the flange types you require to fit your blower and carburettor
If you require a custom finish please contact us with your requirements.
Note: Custom finishes will take longer, please confirm turnaround before ordering.
All items are shipped with AusPost
Other carriers are available on request
Shipping insurance is not included but is available as an option at checkout.

All Joe Blow Products have a 12 months warranty

If you have any questions, please contact us via messenger or email before ordering

Additional Information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 32 × 32 cm
Blower Flange

AMR 300, AMR 500

Carburettor Flange

DCOE, HSR, JB Throttle Body

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with installing a kit?

Installation of one of our supercharger kits is relatively straight forwards and can be easily accomplished by anyone who has access to basic tools and is familiar with basic air-cooled maintenance such as setting your points and timing and...

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Do you include the throttle wheels in all of your kits?

The throttle wheels are pre-fitted to the weber DCOE carburettors we supply and are available to purchase through our store if you want to purchase them separately. Throttle wheels are not supplied in kits that do not include a carburettor.

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