Joe Blow Camshaft

JB Series Blown Camshafts

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JB Series Blown Camshaft

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Product Description

Our custom grind Joe Blow camshafts are blower specific camshafts, developed for use in blown applications. These differ from both normally aspirated and turbo camshafts and are designed to help you make the most of your available boost.

We developed our range of blown camshafts to maximise the available boost in blown applications.
All of our cams are custom ground for us by Engle, so you know you are getting a quality product.

We offer three different grinds to suit your application:

JB200 – Great all-round street cam – This is the best choice for our AMR500 based kits

JB300 – Street & Strip – Good choice for larger engine displacements and high performance AMR500 setups. More lift and duration than the JB200. Works best on modified engines with more boost.

JB400 – Race only – For larger capacity engines, our all out race cam. More lift and duration than the JB300. Requires good heads and lots of boost.

Many people will recommend turbo and N/A cams for blown applications. Whilst these cams will certainly be an improvement over the stock cam, they are less than optimal in a blown application and will not maximise the use of available charge, resulting in lower cylinder pressures and in turn less power.

Turbo cams are generally split duration with larger lift on the inlet to help overcome the high back-pressure ratio. This back-pressure comes from having the exhaust drive the turbine and causes the exhaust port pressure to be higher than the inlet pressure. On a blown engine there is no turbine to drive and so exhaust port pressure is nominal and not fighting against the boost pressure on the inlet. This means that turbo cams are not really a good fit for a blown application as the valve dynamics are incorrect.

Likewise N/A cams have narrow lobe separation angle resulting in a lot of overlap (the portion of the cycle where both inlet and outlet valves are open at the same time). In an N/A engine this overlap assists with cylinder scavenging where the exiting exhaust gasses help draw in the intake charge. Unfortunately having both inlet and outlet valves open at the same time on any forced induction setup results in the pressurised intake charge simply being pushed straight out of the exhaust port. Boost will not start to build in the cylinder until the exhaust port is closed.

We found that there was nothing available specifically for blown applications and so this is why we developed our own range of blower cams. Our cams will work on all blown installation, not just ours.

A cam-card containing cam specifications is supplied with each cam

Basic cam specs are below

JB200 – 437″ lift / 294 degrees duration / 112 LC
JB300 – 461″ lift / 308 degrees duration / 112 LC
JB400 – 465″ lift / 313 degrees duration / 112 LC

If you are a US customer cams are drop shipped directly from Engle. Cams are ground to order so there will be a lead time of between 2-4 weeks.

For rest of the world sales, a small stock of each grind is held locally here in Australia. Please contact us to check stock levels when placing your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rocker arm ratio should I use?

Our cams are designed to work with both 1.1 and 1.25 rocker arm ratios.

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Additional Information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 8 × 9 cm

JB200, JB300, JB400


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