The latest developments at JB HQ

NEW: Budget Kit

We’ve just re-launched the very first design we made back in 2013 as a budget kit. This kit will work with any aftermarket serpentine system. You could even use it with a vee belt if you really wanted. Checkout the product page for more details and a special introductory price….Read More

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Doing well

For those of you not aware Mick went in for spinal surgery last week to have a disc replacement operation. Mick is doing well and will return to work once he is able. There will be a delay for all orders currently in process whilst Mick recuperates. He was hoping…Read More

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The Joe Blow Challenge

Here at Joe Blow if there’s one thing we love as much as boost, it’s land speed racing, and even better, combining the two together. We did exactly this back in 2016 when we took an otherwise stock 1600 single-port stationary engine and bolted a Joe Blow supercharger kit to…Read More

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Covid virus

Covid Announcement

Due to the impact on our supply chain and with no clear end to the current situation in sight, with immediate effect we will be changing our business model from make-to-order to a make-to-stock model. This means that we will no longer be taking advanced orders for our products, but will…Read More

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Website update

If you’re reading this post then you are looking at our all new website. Whilst the site still kinda looks the same, we have completely rewritten the code form the ground up. The biggest change and the main reason for the update is a new web-store where you can order…Read More

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